The team has developed flexible, lightweight nonwoven fabric materials that can selectively determine physiological information from sweat forming on the surface of the skin.  The technology is the first nonwoven fabric sensor to provide real-time information regarding hydration levels during exercise or training through selective determination of sodium ion levels.  As sodium ion levels in the sweat increase, athletes must replace these electrolytes to remain hydrated. These dehydration patterns are unique and vary based on diet, weather conditions, and human physiological cycles.  Therefore, there is not a “one size fits all” hydration program.  The ability to monitor an individual’s hydration parameters is unique to the RooSense sensor and gives it a competitive advantage over “sweat monitors” that monitor water lost or rudimentary “water timers” that remind the athlete to drink water every 20 minutes.

The need for a real-time monitor to provide actionable feedback or recommendations to athletes during competitions or training is what led RooSense to develop a “smarter” garment to accurately monitor sweat & sodium loss in real-time. The smarter garment contains a nonwoven fabric sensor that is chemically designed to specifically monitor sodium concentration and is integrated into a compression arm band with embedded Bluetooth electronics.  The resulting Optimal Sweat Performance (OSP) Band will capture the information needed to optimize an individual's hydration strategy and ensure their fluid and electrolyte intake is appropriate to mitigate their loss. This advice will be parceled into an actionable plan accessed digitally by the athlete or their coach through a mobile app.



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